As winter begins to fade, it’s time to begin thinking about your lawn maintenance so that you can enjoy lush, green grass once the temperatures rise. It can be difficult to know when to begin watering your lawn and how much moisture it needs. To help, here are a few irrigation and lawn care tips to get you started.

A Guide to Early Spring Lawn Care

1. Start Slow

As temperatures rise, your soil will thaw. As a result, you’ll need to water sparingly at first to prevent water buildups. Too much wet soil can lead to soil compaction, especially if the lower layers of soil haven’t thawed. Water lightly at first and avoid mowing or aerating your lawn until the grass begins to grow again.

2. Keep the Weather in Mind

irrigationSpring means rain, and you’ll want to pay attention to the weather before turning your irrigation system on. Heavy rain can lead to overwatering that can damage the grassroots. Instead, allow your grass to stay dry until the first rain. It’s perfectly safe, and the grass will grow deeper roots in search of water—a valuable asset once summer heat arrives.

3. Water the Lawn in the Morning

In the morning, less water will evaporate, allowing the moisture to sink deeper into the soil. The water also won’t sit on the grass blades for as long, helping you to avoid lawn diseases. Program your irrigation system to turn on between 4:00 AM and 10:00 AM, and remember to make changes if heavy rains are expected.


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