Trenching in Connecticut

In addition to irrigation and plumbing, our team routinely works with land developers, remodel teams, and other industries to provide excavation and trenching services in both residential and commercial areas.

Trenching and Excavation Services

While well drilling is necessary to install a water well, the surrounding pipe infrastructure requires excavation or trenching – using heavy equipment to dig a long, narrow cavity deep within the ground. In the case of the pipe system that carries water from the well to the home, it’s necessary to dig well below the frost line to prevent the pipes from freezing and possibly bursting. In Waterford CT and the surrounding area, the frost line is 48 inches below the surface, though most pipes are laid significantly deeper than that.

Along with installing new wells and connecting pipes, our trenching contractors also work on a variety of repairs and projects.

  • Access breaks and leaks in the water lines from the well to the home.
  • Running water lines to multiple locations from one main source.
  • Re-route water service, such as when a new well is dug for an existing property.
  • Preparing water lines in the foundation prior to new home construction.
  • Install conduit

Whether we are laying a simple pipeline from the home to a well, a complex network of pipes, or we need to swiftly access a broken line, our trenching contractors use heavy equipment to swiftly dig deep under the surface saves time while creating an even, consistent trench.

Why Choose Us for Trench Excavation in Eastern CT

At Maxum Irrigation & Plumbing, we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable trenching contractors who are dedicated to providing you with a quick, custom, well and water line trenches for your home or construction project. We also strive to minimize the impact our work makes on your property, which is why we can also help assess your soil and terrain in order to meet safety and environmental compliance prior to starting. Our trenching company ensures that we will work to achieve high-quality standards throughout the trenching process.

Our team has the capacity to take on trenching jobs small to large, offering a clean, safe, and fast trenching job, paired with our competitive prices to keep your project cost-effective.