Your irrigation system plays an invaluable role in keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful, and it likely was a significant investment. You don’t want your system to fail after only one season of use, so you must protect it and keep it maintained during the cold weather ahead. Call in professionals to winterize your unit for the following reasons.

Why Should Professionals Winterize Your Irrigation System?

1. They Have Proper Equipment

A professional irrigation company has the right equipment to winterize your system, including heavy-duty air compressors that’ll blow lingering water out of the components. Water that isn’t thoroughly cleared from the system can freeze and thaw throughout the winter, breaking or splitting hoses, pipes, and sprinkler heads. Home air compressors aren’t powerful enough to completely clear water from the entire system, so it’s best to leave this job to the experts.

2. They’ll Save You Time

irrigation systemThere’s a lot to do to prepare a yard and garden for the winter. Planting bulbs, raking leaves, and pruning trees are just some of your upcoming chores, so it’s a good idea to save time by hiring professionals for the irrigation system. If you keep a bi-annual inspection and maintenance appointment on the books with an irrigation company, you also won’t run the risk of forgetting to winterize.

3. They’ll Do Necessary Maintenance

When you schedule winterization with professionals, they’ll also check the entire system for leaks, breaks, and other issues that should be repaired before cold weather hits. You want the unit to be ready to go in the spring, so identifying problems now will save time next year. By fixing issues before they get worse, you may also prevent more significant damages that result from harsh weather.


If you want experts to prepare your irrigation system for the cold, call Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT. This professional team has been serving Connecticut and Rhode Island homes and businesses for 17 years, maintaining a stellar reputation for knowledge and customer service. Visit their website to see a full list of their services, or call (860) 525-7000 to set up a winterization appointment.