If you love to garden, you know that consistently ensuring your plants get the water they need is important. From flowers to vegetables, a drip irrigation system from Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT, will deliver the right amount of water to your garden. So why would you choose to have a drip irrigation system installed instead of simply using a sprinkler or a garden hose?

Custom Water Delivery

When purchasing plants, there will likely be a tag that tells you how much water the flower or vegetable needs in order to thrive. If they get too much or too little, the plants could die. Fortunately, with a drip irrigation system, water delivery can be totally customized based on your plant’s needs. As the system is installed, each individual nozzle that allows water to flow to your crops can be adjusted, so the flow of water is exactly what is required.

Save On Your Water Bill

If you use a sprinkler to water your garden landscape, chances are you’re wasting water. Most sprinklers won’t be accurate with their water delivery, which can drive up your water bill or leave some plants over-watered. With a drip irrigation system, water is delivered slowly and directly to the plants. This will save water by eliminating drift, evaporation, runoff, and excessive watering. As water drips, it will seep deeper into the soil around your plants, reaching the roots consistently, so less water would be required.

It Saves Time

Drip irrigation systems can be programmed to run at specific times every day. If you are a gardener who wants to ensure your landscape always looks its best, this will allow you to “set it and forget it.” Instead of needing to run home to water the plants, you can enjoy your time away, knowing that your landscape is receiving the water it needs.

Irrigation systems are ideal for lawns big and small. If you’re interested in saving time and money on your Waterford water bill, contact Maxum Irrigation online, or by phone at (860) 525-7000.