Caring for your lawn is important, and regular maintenance keeps it healthy and green year-round. However, one of the most important steps in lawn management is irrigation, but choosing the right system for your yard comes down to both preference and the needs of the grass. Here are several different irrigation systems to choose from.

What Are the Different Types of Lawn Irrigation Systems?

1. Drip Irrigation System

If your yard boasts a variety of plant life, a drip irrigation system is a great option. Using a network of hoses that range from soft to hard, water travels from the source out into the plant’s roots. The hoses have emitters that allow the water to flow into the soil, stopping when it has absorbed as much as it can. This system removes the risk of evaporation or excess runoff moisture since it is fed directly to the roots. Emitters can be added or taken away depending on how many plants are in a particular area, making the network customizable.

2. Sprinkler Irrigation System

Irrigation Systems

This popular irrigation system uses sprinkler heads to propel water over the surface of the lawn. The heads are placed at ground level, and when emitting water, they pop up so the moisture can reach across a longer distance. Sprinklers can be set up with sensors or timers, creating a low-maintenance program that fits your watering preferences. The heads can perform a selection of patterns, including circles, back and forth motions, or customized options. This system is great for sloping yards and sandy soils.

3. Hybrid Sprinkler Systems

Your yard might feature different flora, fauna, and grass that require special attention when it comes to irrigation. Installing a hybrid system allows each plant to get the moisture it needs, without over or under watering those nearby. You can set up drip or bubble systems for spaces that contain bigger plants or patches of the same breed. Bubble systems work like drips but emit more water. These are ideal for flower beds, while pop-up or rotor sprinklers can be used for hedges and lawns.


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