Summer is the perfect time of year for road trips and vacations with the family. While you’re away, your landscaping may not receive the attention and water it needs to stay beautiful and healthy. That’s why many homeowners choose to install lawn irrigation systems this time of year. If you’re thinking about getting one, here’s what to consider.

What You Should Know About Getting an Irrigation System

1. Topography & Soil

Before scheduling the installation, it’s best to walk your landscape with an irrigation specialist. Yards with rolling hills, slopes, and unique topography can make underground irrigation challenging since the uneven ground can create water run-off that prompts soil erosion.

Additionally, knowing the soil type will determine watering needs and whether auxiliary sprinklers and sprayers are necessary for certain areas. Clay soil, for example, can absorb more water than sandy soil, thus reducing water requirements and the way an irrigation network is designed.

2. Plant Life

irrigation system

Different plants require varying amounts of water. A yard solely composed of grass in comparison to a landscape that includes herbs, flowers, beds of annuals, shrubs, hanging baskets, and trees will require different irrigation systems to keep up with various needs without overwatering and promoting fungal growth.

3. Weather

Rainfall, wind, and temperatures impact outdoor plants and their growth cycle. Similarly, these external factors will determine how frequently you need to water your yard and how water is dispersed when your irrigation system is on. For example, drip irrigation may be preferable in areas that are windy or have low humidity.

4. Smart Irrigation Controller

When you anticipate being away from home for vacations or based on your work schedule, installing an irrigation controller is essential. This smart solution will allow you to put watering sessions on a timer and a set schedule based on the day of the week. You can skip watering after rainfall or increase the frequency during a dry spell. This system will save you time, will allow for automation while you’re away, and can help you conserve water based on the current conditions without sacrificing the health of your landscape.


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