If you want to grow a lush, green lawn, giving it enough water is crucial. At the same time, you shouldn’t water it too much. Leaving your irrigation system running for too long creates a number of problems for both your property and your wallet. Here’s why you should never overwater your grass.

Why Limit Your Irrigation?

1. More Weeds

Weeds will move in if they have access to water, crowding out your plants. If you don’t want to pay for weeding services, make sure your irrigation system is delivering exactly the right amount of water to the right places. Check that each sprinkler’s water hits the neighboring sprinkler’s area.

2. Drowned Plants

IrrigationPlant roots need air, nutrients, and water to thrive. When the soil is oversaturated due to overwatering, the roots can’t breathe. Excess water also leads to root rot, as harmful microbes including water molds attack the weakened roots. While some species like inkberry holly are resistant to rotting, don’t let microbes grow, as they will limit your landscaping options.

3. Soil Erosion

When you overwater the soil, dirt will flow away, potentially down drains or to your neighbor’s yard. This problem is especially bad if your yard is on a slope. You may be left with uneven ground where the soil is washed away, and in extreme cases, the pipes or foundation may become exposed.

4. Wasted Money

Overwatering will lead to more expensive water bills. You can fight this with water-saving measures like rain sensors, which prevent your sprinkler system from turning on when it’s already raining. You’ll also pay more for landscaping services and supplies if you overwater, as you’ll need to correct damage due to soil erosion and overwatered plants.

5. Wasted Water

The water you use is first processed and purified, and then added to the municipal water mains and pumped to your location. Wasting water means wasting the energy used to get the water to you safely, harming the environment. Also, runoff from your yard contains soil, fertilizer, and pesticide—all of which can contaminate your area’s water.


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