Keeping a beautiful, manicured lawn is easy if you have the right irrigation system installed. It is not only a convenient way to water your grass and keep your landscaping beautiful, but it also is more cost-efficient than hand-watering the yard every day. If you’re looking to invest in a new sprinkler system, there is no better time than the fall.

Here is why the autumn season is ideal for installing a new sprinkler system:

  • waterford-irrigation-systemTemperate Weather: In the fall, temperatures are lower than summer, but not quite freezing, so the weather is ideal for installing a sprinkler system. It typically takes a few hours to install, and the moderate temperature is the perfect time to get it done—whether you’re installing it yourself or hiring a professional lawn irrigation company to do the install.
  • Less Foliage: In the summer and spring, your flowers and plants are blooming and creating gorgeous splashes of color—this makes it difficult to want to dig them up or disturb them. Since fall means much of that foliage is gone for the season, you likely will have fewer plants and flowers to worry about during the installation, making it a breeze without marring your beautiful landscaping design.
  • Best Soil Conditions: In moderate weather, the soil is the perfect condition for digging and installing a sprinkler system. For an irrigation system to be installed properly, the ground needs to be soft, but not damp or too dry. In summer, the heat may dry out the soil too much, and in winter, the soil is frozen and much more difficult to work with.


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