Whether you have a home garden, or you are a farmer growing crops, keeping your plants well-watered is critical for their health. While there are many different watering methods, installing a drip irrigation system is beneficial in many ways. Here, the team at Maxum Irrigation, in Waterford, CT, outlines some of the advantages you will experience if you decide to install one.

How a Drip Irrigation System Helps Your Plants

1. Uses Less Water

Drip irrigation works using a network of hoses to bring an even flow of water and fertilizer to each plant. This system is exceptionally efficient and inexpensive because the plants get only what they need to survive. Water is also not wasted on weeds and does not cause soil erosion when it is used moderately.

2. They Are Versatile

Drip IrrigationNot only can the hoses used in drip irrigation be strategically placed to cater to specific plants, but the system can also be powered in different ways. For smaller gardens, you can attach the hoses to the main spigot on your home and turn it on whenever you see fit. If you maintain a larger garden or grow crops, you can set the system to run on battery or solar powered timers.

3. There Is Less Crop or Plant Damage

Many irrigation and fertilizer systems on large farms require frequent traffic from trucks and other farm equipment. Since drip irrigation allows you to bring water and fertilizer to crops at the same time, there is a reduced need for extra equipment and vehicles. This way, there is no crop or soil damage.

Managing an irrigation system is one of the most important duties when it comes to growing crops and plants. If you are considering making the switch to drip irrigation, the team at Maxum Irrigation is here to help. With experience in residential and commercial systems, they provide high-quality customer service. To learn about their lawn irrigation and sprinkler maintenance services, visit them online. If you would like to request a quote for your project, give them a call at (860) 525-7000.