While irrigation timers are useful for automating your watering schedule, they don’t shut off automatically during a storm, leading to waste. On the other hand, a smart controller, or irrigation controller, uses Wi-Fi to consider factors like the weather when setting the watering schedule, improving efficiency. Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your system.

Reasons to Install an Irrigation Controller

1. Reduces Water Bills

Proper irrigation gives plants the water they need without any wasteful runoff. Irrigation controllers use the internet to track upcoming weather patterns, as well as solar detection technology to determine when your plants should be watered. Less water waste protects the environment and your wallet. Advanced systems also use reporting technology that detects leaks and soil evaporation levels. They will even alert you when you have broken pipes or sprinklers.

2. Creates a Beautiful Landscape

irrigation controller Landscapes can be temperamental, and consistently require the right amount of water at the right times. Under-watering reduces plant growth and creates a strong living environment for weeds, while overwatering damages plants’ root structures and gives moss a chance to thrive. Controllers provide an even layer of water exactly when it’s needed, enhancing plant growth and minimizing weeds and moss.

3. Offers Convenience

You can change your irrigation controller’s settings from anywhere in the world via the internet. The intuitive interface makes installing and programming the system simple. Further, because smart controllers adapt to weather patterns and other factors, you can have confidence that your lawn will be watered properly—without having to worry about setting any timers.


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