While many homeowners opt to install traditional sprinkler systems, others may prefer a drip irrigation network. This option is sensible for those who have very particular needs for intricately designed landscaping, such as complex flower beds or vegetation that requires moisture and fertilizer at specific intervals. Here are three reasons it’s a smart option to consider.

Why Drip Irrigation Systems Are a Great Idea

1. Improve Efficiency

drip irrigationIf you’re concerned about your home’s water consumption, you’ll notice a significant difference when you install a drip irrigation system. The product depends on a series of hoses to direct a specific, limited amount of water only to the select plants that you want to nourish. You don’t have to worry about dispersing water elsewhere; it’s distributed either to the plants’ roots or to the surface. As a result, you greatly reduce the odds of waste due to runoff.

2. Maintain Growth

Not only will your flowers, crops, and vegetation thrive when they receive the moisture and nourishment that they need exactly when they need it, but the system also prevents unwanted growth from developing. Since water and fertilizer aren’t aimed at surrounding areas, weeds don’t have a chance to grow and thrive. And, because there’s no need to physically step into the area to water plants or apply fertilizer, there’s less dependency on heavy equipment that could potentially disturb the soil.

3. Versatile Design

Drip irrigation systems are designed to provide for different types of landscapes. If you have a small yard that doesn’t require an intricate setup, you can easily fit your spigot with the hoses and simply activate it on an as-needed basis. Larger gardens depend on more innovative designs that run on timers.


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