Watering your lawn can be stressful, especially now that summer is in full swing. Brown lawns are unattractive, but that perfect, lush, green lawn sometimes seems unattainable. Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT, will design an irrigation system uniquely tailored to your lawn’s needs, using top-quality products. New developments in irrigation, such as drip irrigation and automatic sprinkler systems, make watering your lawn easy, but some mistakes are still all too common.

Avoid These Mistakes When Watering Your Lawn

1. Over-Watering

Make sure not to water your lawn too much. Grass should only get one inch of water per week—one-third of an inch three times a week. Most people turn on their sprinklers every day for a little while, which causes your grass to have shallow roots. Grass with shallow roots is more vulnerable to fungus and disease and has a more difficult time dealing with the heat. To see how much water your lawn is getting per week, put a rain gauge or tuna can on your lawn and measure the amount of water in it after the sprinkler system is shut off.

2. Watering During the Day

It’s well-known that under-watering can leave you with brown grass, but watering your lawn at the wrong time can be just as bad. During the heat of the day, water from your irrigation system often evaporates before it even hits the ground, which not only wastes water but leaves the grass dry. It’s best to water your lawn in the morning before the sun is at full force—between 6 and 9 am.

3. Mowing Your Lawn Too Short

watering-your-lawn-irrigation-systemYou may not think of mowing your lawn as part of the irrigation process, but it’s vital. Longer grass shades the soil so it can retain water better, and adds more nutrients for healthier, deeper roots. And lawns that are cut too short are more susceptible to weeds, which only causes more work in the long-term. Set your mower’s blades to their highest setting, so only the top of the grass is cut off, then sprinkle your lawn with the trimmings for extra nutrients.

The technicians at Maxum Irrigation work with you to decide on the best irrigation system to give you a healthy, green lawn that is sure to impress. Call (860) 525-7000 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information about their products and services.