If you need a new irrigation system for your lawn or garden, it’s important to choose the best time of year to install it. You might think of spring or summer as ideal, but in fact, fall might just be the best time for new irrigation. Read on to learn about the advantages of this time of year.

Why Fall Is the Best Time for Irrigation System Installation

1. Mild Weather

Choosing a mild part of the year is important for three reasons. First, you’re not likely to experience storms or other serious precipitation that will delay your project. Second, the ground is soft during the warmer months—once the year’s first freeze sets in, irrigation work isn’t feasible. Finally, the crew installing your lawn sprinklers won’t have to work in the summer heat, which means they’ll be more efficient, need fewer breaks, and be in less danger of heat-related health problems.

2. A Fresh Start

IrrigationIf you get your irrigation updated in the spring, you’re taking up valuable planting and growing time for your garden. By doing the project in the fall, you can take advantage of your garden’s downtime. By the time spring rolls around, your garden will once again be ready for growing.

3. Less Demand

Most people are thinking about their yards in spring and summer, and will schedule major landscaping and renovation projects for them. The contractor you want may be booked well in advance for those months. But in fall, there’s less demand—which means you can schedule more easily, and potentially even negotiate a lower price for the work.


If your lawn or garden needs better irrigation, now is the time to get it. Call your local contractor to schedule your project today. Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT, is your provider for quick, quality irrigation work. Their systems are designed to keep your lawn green and growing, as well as making watering more convenient than ever. To schedule a visit, call (860) 525-7000 or contact them online.