portant step to take before the winter arrives. If your irrigation system isn’t properly winterized before the annual freeze, you could discover some troublesome problems after the season is over. Here are three key reasons why your Connecticut sprinkler system requires winterization for the season.

3 Benefits of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

1. It Prevents System Damage

Winter in Connecticut can be cold, to put it mildly. The problem for your land occurs because the weather stays cold for quite a while, which produces a heavy frost that affects the depths of the ground. This is even more problematic if the ground is covered with ice or snow. After months of enduring frigid temperatures, your irrigation system’s pipes may burst if there is any water left inside from the previous season. This can also cause damage to the backflow system. Come spring, you’ll have some unpleasant tasks to handle.

2. It Averts Lawn Flooding

Waterford, CT sprinkler systemIf the pipes burst and are damaged without you knowing it, you may very well end up with a flooded lawn when you turn the sprinkler system on again. This can affect the integrity of your landscape and cause significant damage to the grounds and soil, especially if drainage conditions are poor.

3. It Eliminates Costly Repairs

All of these problems can be quite expensive and tiresome to repair. A professional will need to replace the damaged piping and inspect the backflow area for signs of internal damage. Those, too, will require replacement if you plan to use your sprinkler system again.

By hiring a maintenance team to winterize your equipment, you won’t have to worry about these possibilities. Maintain your sprinkler system’s integrity by scheduling a winterization appointment today.


Maxum Irrigation is the leading lawn irrigation service in Waterford, CT. The community relies on these experienced professionals to prepare their ground for the inevitable chill of the season. If you’re ready to winterize your sprinkler system or would like to learn more about their lawn winterization services, visit the company’s website, or call (860) 525-7000.