Sprinkler systems make watering commercial lawns and landscapes quick and convenient, keeping your property looking nice for customers and clients. Irrigation controllers with Wi-Fi connectivity, also known as smart controllers, can provide additional advantages to commercial property owners. Here are some perks of using this technology for your landscaping.

What Are the Advantages of Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers?

1. Remote Control

Smart irrigation systems use controllers connected to electronic devices via Wi-Fi. You’ll download an app to your smartphone or tablet that allows you to operate the system from anywhere. This is especially convenient if you need to adjust the irrigation schedule or shut off the system while you’re away from the property.

2. More Detailed Watering

irrigation controller

Attractive outdoor areas can give clients and customers a positive first impression of your business and draw more people through your doors. To grow healthy and beautiful, flowers, shrubs, and trees must receive specific amounts of water.

Irrigation systems with Wi-Fi controllers allow you to create separate zones and program the system to deliver the correct amount of moisture to each zone based on the watering needs of the foliage in those areas. These systems can also adjust moisture volumes according to the soil type and condition, which ensures thorough absorption and prevents runoff that can lead to erosion.

3. Easy Upgrades

If you ever want to upgrade or expand the sprinkler system, you won’t have to worry about getting a new controller. For instance, if you already have sprinkler heads on your lawn and decide to install drip irrigation tubes in flower beds, you can use your smart controller’s Wi-Fi connection to add these new components to your existing watering map and schedule.

4. Weather-Based Adjustments

Smart controllers have predictive features that adjust the system’s watering schedule based on the weather. They use Wi-Fi to interact with the National Weather Service, which lets them know when to expect precipitation in your area. They’ll automatically modify the watering schedule by reducing the amount of time the sprinklers run or skipping irrigation sessions during rainstorms to prevent overwatering and water waste.


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