Once the weather warms up, you’ll start running sprinklers so that your landscaping receives enough moisture to grow. Irrigation startup opens your sprinklers after the cold months, ensuring that they function without any problems. Here’s more about why you should hire a professional company for this service.

Why You Should Hire an Irrigation Startup Professional

1. Identify Winter Damage

Even with proper winterization and shutdown, cold weather can still damage your sprinkler system. As part of your irrigation startup appointment, your contractor will inspect your sprinkler system for signs of broken heads, burst pipes, and backflow. If they identify any issues, they’ll perform repairs as necessary.

2. Save Time

irrigation startupIrrigation startup involves several steps, such as opening the shutoff valves, opening the main valve, reinstalling the bleeder cap, and running a manual test. If you’re not an expert, completing these steps will take time. A professional sprinkler company will get the work done much more quickly.

3. Prevent Unexpected Problems

DIY irrigation startup often results in potentially serious issues. For instance, you might accidentally strip the valve handles or crack the bleeder cap, creating the need for sprinkler repairs. Prevent unexpected problems and expenses by hiring a contractor for irrigation startup.

4. No Need to Purchase Equipment

Though opening sprinklers requires the use of common tools, such as pliers and flat-head screwdrivers, you may need more advanced equipment, especially if you have to replace or repair any parts. Professional companies have valve keys, sprinkler head wrenches, and irrigation tools, so you won’t have to spend money on specialty equipment yourself.


When you’re ready to open your sprinkler system for the spring and summer, schedule irrigation startup services with Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT. They offer sprinkler system repairs, installations, and maintenance to clients in the area. Call (860) 525-7000 to book an appointment for lawn startup or visit the website to learn more about their residential and municipal services.