If you have a lawn and garden you adore, an irrigation system can help you keep these landscape features in excellent condition. Sprinklers ensure grass, plants, and flowers receive a sufficient amount of water for healthy growth. The technology also spares you the inconvenience of watering the landscape yourself. If you’re having a system installed soon, here’s what the professionals will do during the process.

What Should You Expect During an Irrigation System Installation?

1. Locating & Marking Underground Utilities

In Connecticut, anyone digging or excavating must have underground utilities located prior to the work. Not only is it the law, but doing so also prevents major injuries or disruptions in service to you and other people in your neighborhood.

Once the utilities are located, a representative from each utility company will mark them with paint or flags. This shows the irrigation professionals where they can and cannot dig.

2. Digging Trenches

irrigation system

The next step is trench excavation to create spots for the water lines. Trenches typically measure between 6 and 8 inches wide and 12 inches deep for main water lines. Lateral lines, which disperse water throughout your lawn as it flows through the main line, require trenches that are 8 to 10 inches deep.

3. Installing Water Lines

Once the crew digs the trenches, they’ll place the water lines. Lines can be made from PVC or polyurethane piping, both of which offer advantages, depending on your needs.

PVC ensures a steady flow rate for water traveling through piping, which is ideal for large lawns in need of plenty of water. Polyurethane is flexible enough to bend and curve around underground fixtures or tree roots.

4. Backfilling & Post-Installation Testing

Backfilling takes the dirt that was removed from your lawn and replaces it in trenches to cover water lines. While the soil above the excavation site will be bare after installation, grass typically grows back in four to eight weeks. The irrigation company will also turn on the system to ensure it functions correctly.


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