While August may mean summer is about to end, you’ll still need to care for your home’s landscaping. The continuing high temperatures can easily dry up the lawn and garden, and there may be some cooler, wet days toward the end of the month as the weather transitions to the fall. If you have an irrigation system, here’s how to adjust the settings to account for these changes.

How to Alter Your Irrigation System for August

1. Water Less Frequently But Deeply

Whenever it’s hot outside, some people water their plants at short, frequent intervals, thinking this will prevent them from drying out. However, doing so only moistens the surface and is not enough to soak deep into the soil where the roots are.

Instead, irrigate your lawn and garden less often but more deeply. Allow your plants to absorb enough water to reach their roots so that they won’t wither easily at high temperatures. Set your irrigation system to water more of the sunny areas of your garden than the shaded portions.

Though August is hot, you can still expect to have a few rainy days during the month. On such days, it’s best to put off watering your plants, as excessive moisture could oversaturate the roots and cause them to rot.

2. Install a Rain Sensor

You can ensure that your plants always get the right amount of water by adding a rain sensor to your sprinkler system. This device is built with gauges that contain disks that absorb water and expand as more rain falls.

The gauges interact with the sprinkler system’s controller and interrupt the signal that triggers the sprinkler’s operation. That way, your sprinklers will never oversaturate the landscape.

3. Increase Watering When Overseeding or Planting

irrigation system

If you plan to overseed your lawn or add plants, shrubs, and trees to the garden in August, don’t forget to water them often. New grass seeds and plants require constant moisture to survive the heat and grow strong roots. Make sure your irrigation system is watering the new vegetation at least once a day.

4. Irrigate More During Fertilizing

Applying fertilizer to your lawn in August stops it from browning or having bare spots. For it to be effective, fertilizer needs a significant amount of moisture for better absorption. Before applying the fertilizer, you should deeply water the areas to ensure the product works.


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