A lush, beautiful lawn provides a picturesque paradise while increasing the property value of your home. Managing acres of property can be a challenge, but with the right practices, equipment, and irrigation system, you can maintain a well-manicured landscape. These essential lawn care tips will help you keep your grass in excellent shape.

How to Care for a Large Lawn

1. Remove Weeds Quickly

Weeds take away water and nutrients from grass and soil. Removing unsightly weeds as soon as you find them will keep the yard nourished. If you only ever see a few at a time, you can remove them by hand, with a garden hoe, or with a hand-held weed puller. Ongoing weed problems may require the use of an herbicide.

2. Mow Strategically

Mowing the grass the proper way produces a cleaner, healthier lawn. When you have a large yard, a heavy-duty riding mower will serve you best. Choose a reliable model that is fast, long-lasting, and precise.

Avoid over-mowing the grass—blades that are too short can’t properly absorb water and nutrients. You should only cut away one-third of the height of your grass at a time, ideally leaving the blades about 3 to 3 1/2 inches tall.

3. Install an Irrigation System

irrigation systemUsing a simple sprinkler can result in an under- or over-watered yard. Whether you leave it on for too long or forget to turn it on at all, the grass might not be getting the hydration it needs.

With a personalized irrigation system, you won’t have to worry about manual watering. These systems are built and programmed to automatically turn on and off according to your lawn’s specific needs.

4. Vary Your Landscaping

Sectioning off areas of your lawn for other uses can reduce the amount of necessary maintenance. For example, hardscaping elements like patios, outdoor dining areas, fire pits, and rock gardens can create valuable entertainment and relaxation spaces while limiting the scale of your grass. Gardens, while not necessarily low maintenance, diversify the landscaping and contribute to a more beautiful lawn.


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