Sprinkler systems are a convenient, low-maintenance way to keep your landscaping healthy and hydrated. While an automated setup simplifies your lawn irrigation, components over time will suffer wear and tear. There are a few telltale signs that something is amiss with your lawn sprinklers. Here are five to look for.

How to Know You Need New Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

1. Water Pressure Trouble

Too much pressure or too little means something has gone wrong with the irrigation pipes. Usually, there is a crack or break in the pipes that is interfering with water pressure. In some cases, the pipes themselves have shifted or become loose — usually due to a ground shift or problem with large, unruly tree roots. For your new installation, keep pipes away from large trees to prevent roots from causing issues in the future.

2. Uneven Watering

sprinkler systemWhen your sprinkler system is functioning well, the whole area will be evenly watered and healthy. If you notice some areas are more saturated than others, there may be an issue with the sprinkler heads. Uneven watering from misaligned sprinklers can leave behind dry, brown patches of grass in one part of your yard, while other sections are overwatered.

3. Incorrect Watering

Damaged heads typically spray water in an erratic way and usually in the wrong direction. The stream is also not steady and straight. Besides the heads, the valves may also be the culprit, especially if you notice they are dripping or there are puddles nearby; or, you may have a clog in the line.

4. High Water Bills

Don’t ignore a rising water bill. This means there is a leak or a steady drip that is affecting the cost to run your system. Inspect all faucets, valves, and heads. Look for puddles or pooling water, especially when the area is dry, and the sprinklers haven’t been on. If you don’t see any leaks, it is possible that the trouble is underground and you will need the help of a sprinkler maintenance professional.

5. Older System

After about 25 years, your sprinkler system has probably reached the end of its life. Older setups have outdated technology and aging components that are less reliable. They are also less efficient. Since newer systems are designed to conserve water and keep resources and costs down, an upgrade is your best option.


To get started with your new automated sprinkler system, call Maxum Irrigation. Located in Waterford, CT, these irrigation specialists can help you design and install the best sprinklers to keep landscaping lush, healthy, and well-hydrated. They can also assist with maintenance to ensure your new installation is reliable and efficient. If you are in the New London Country area, call (860) 525-7000 or visit them online.