Summer is finally here, which means lawn care is a focus for most homeowners. Mowing, fertilizing, and lawn irrigation will help you create a truly stunning outdoor space. Here are some of the best practices for lawn care during the warmer months.


Use fertilizer.

Your lawn needs more than just water and sunlight to grow. Fertilizer provides the essential nutrients to the grass and keeps it attractive all summer long.

Read the fertilizer instructions to prevent using too much, which can burn the lawn and cause brown spots to form. Apply fertilizer every six weeks or so for the best results.

Keep toys and other objects off the lawn.

Ample backyard storage isn’t only convenient, but it also prevents damage to your lawn. When you leave heavy objects, such as lawn care equipment, planters, or children’s playsets sitting directly on the grass, it can die off quickly from lack of sunlight and nutrients. If bare spots have already developed, reseed the lawn in the spring or fall to renew it.


Water the lawn at the wrong time of day.

lawn irrigationWhile lawn irrigation makes short work of the watering process, you must still ensure you’re setting the timer appropriately. Water your lawn early in the morning before the sun is at its hottest. Watering in the middle of the day means the liquid will evaporate quicker, which can make for lackluster grass.

Cut the grass too short.

Grass roots suck the moisture out of the soil for a healthy, thriving lawn. Cutting the blades too short disrupts this process, as it will have a poor effect on the root length and make it harder for the grass to absorb enough water.

If you’re unsure of how high the grass should be, look at your mower. There are several settings that dictate grass length, and using the highest is recommended for optimum grass health.


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