As the weather warms up, your lawn and garden will become increasingly colorful and lush thanks to your sprinkler system hydrating the plants. However, for it to work properly, it’s crucial to de-winterize the system prior to using it for the first time. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

4 Steps to Activate Your Sprinkler System This Spring

1. Start the Control Panel

Dust off the sprinkler system’s control panel and switch on the power by carefully rotating the knob. If the system is Wi-Fi enabled, turn it on with the app on your tablet or smartphone. Make sure the date, time, and irrigation zones are up-to-date. Replace the backup batteries if they’re older than six months; they’ll keep your system running if there’s a power surge.

2. Inspect the Heads

sprinkler systemWinter freeze-thaw conditions and heavy snow buildups may damage sprinkler heads, so inspect them for issues. Look for signs of cracking, leaking, or corrosion, and replace damaged ones. Clean the nozzles with a wire brush to remove rust and calcium deposits so that water can flow smoothly through the system.

3. Open the Valves

Open the main valve slowly to prevent water from rushing through the system and causing damage. Do so about an inch at a time, leaving a few minutes in-between. Next, open the valves at each branch line; these are located above the main feed pipe.

4. Test the System

Run the system to ensure it irrigates every part of your lawn. If you changed the landscape design or planted new trees or flowers, reprogram the control panel so that every area of your yard stays hydrated.


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