As summer approaches, the temperatures rise, and the sun stays higher in the sky, so proper irrigation becomes more crucial for the health and appearance of your lawn and garden. Maxum Irrigation, the premier sprinkler maintenance, repair, and installation professionals in Waterford, CT, discuss the five top reasons to have your sprinkler system inspected this spring. Their highly skilled and experienced team offers concierge-style service and sells only the highest quality products to help you achieve an immaculate lawn and lush, thriving flowers and grass.

5 Important Reasons to Have Your Sprinkler System Inspected

1. Adjust Sprinkler Heads

Over the past year, contact with feet, lawn tools, or sports equipment might have knocked one or more of your sprinkler heads out of place, so that parts of your landscaping no longer receive the irrigation they need. During an annual inspection of your irrigation system, your sprinkler maintenance contractor will adjust the sprinkler heads to achieve total coverage of your lawn and garden.

2. Make Sure the System Is Working

An annual inspection is an ideal time to make sure the sprinkler system is in good working condition and operating as it should. Are there any blockages or noticeable damage? Is water flowing properly? A sprinkler maintenance professional can diagnose any problems and repair them quickly.

3. Check for Leaks

Irrigation leaks can wreak havoc on your landscaping, resulting in pools of water, swampy areas, and waterlogged vegetation. Schedule an inspection once a year to fend off problems.

4. Test the Backflow Preventer

The backflow device prevents your irrigation system from cross connecting with and contaminating the public water supply. Connecticut requires certain backflow preventers be tested annually to assure residents their drinking water is safe.

5. Adjust the Controller

The sprinkler controller may need adjustment if you have introduced or removed vegetation during the past year. Run and start times may need to be changed to provide the most favorable irrigation settings for your current landscape features.

Maxum Irrigation, the sprinkler system specialists in Waterford, CT, will visit your location and provide a comprehensive checkup of your irrigation system to make sure all aspects are working as they should. Visit their website to read testimonials from highly satisfied customers, and call (860) 525-7000 to schedule an inspection with a friendly sprinkler maintenance expert.