Life could not exist without water. The human body is 70 percent water, and drinking it is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, unfiltered water may contain chemicals and bacteria that can be harmful to drink. Levels depend on where you live. There are many reasons why having a water filtration system is beneficial.

1. To Avoid Pollutants

The increasing amount of chemicals and unnatural products being dumped into fresh water sources is making it more and more unsafe to drink unfiltered water. Water filters can reduce or even eliminate pollutants such as nitrates and pesticides that can be toxic to drink.

2. To Prevent Disease

There are a surprising number of diseases that you can contract simply by drinking unfiltered water. Some of them include:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Cholera
  • Botulism
  • Typhoid

Unless water is filtered, these and other diseases caused by bacteria and parasites could occur.

3. For Better Tasting Water

When contaminates such as chlorine and lead are filtered out of water, it is much healthier for your body and will also taste better. Many people purchase bottled water because it tastes better, but that can be much more expensive than having a water filter.

Having a water filter can be the best and least expensive way to make sure the water you drink is keeping you healthy and not filling your body with toxic chemicals and pollutants. For additional reasons why it is important to have a water filtration system, call Maxum.