A second home can be a wonderful investment, a private getaway, and a relaxing refuge. Whether you visit it each week or just a few times a year, every homeowner knows the myriad of obligations that come with maintaining a property. Even when you’re not there, you must manage your landscape, including tree trimming and lawn mowing, weed pulling, and plant watering. To ensure your second property remains lush and green all year long, the experts at Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, CT, recommend installing a quality irrigation system.

3 Reasons to Install an Irrigation System at Your Second Home

1. Digital Irrigation Control

irrigation systemSprinkler systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Today, smart irrigation systems can monitor the weather and other factors including plant water use, evaporation, and soil conditions. In response to certain changes, the system will automatically make the necessary adjustments to keep your landscape healthy. Rather than you constantly checking on the state of your soil, your digital irrigation system will do it for you.

2. Stress-Free Management

You will no longer have to worry about asking your neighbors or hiring a landscaping company to keep tabs on your garden. Instead, your automatic sprinkler system can do it for you. Today’s advanced irrigation systems are so smart that they can keep your plants as healthy as possible, all while conserving water.

3. Control Everything from Your Smartphone

If you need to make adjustments to your watering schedule, you can do so at the touch of your tablet or smartphone. No more driving out to your second home to take care of your property. With a smart irrigation system, you can control every aspect from anywhere with a wireless connection.

If you own multiple homes, consider streamlining your properties with smart irrigation systems. Learn more about the technology by contacting the experts at Maxum Irrigation. Call a helpful professional today at (860) 525-7000. You may also check out the company’s Facebook page.